PERQ’s 2017 $25,000 FATWIN Winner Announced

By: Kristy Esch

Known for her many years of writing long and short form articles for the multifamily industry. Her amazing writing continues to shine in other industries.

When weather forecasters predicted a big snowstorm for Davenport, Iowa, on February 9th, John and Edie Gross, were hoping bad roads wouldn’t prevent them from taking a trip to Dahl Ford. Luckily, only a few inches came down, and they arrived, not ready to pick up a vehicle, but a winning check for the FATWIN $25,000 Grand Prize Drawing from PERQ.


John had visited Dahl Ford’s website on May 18, 2017, and interacted with PERQ’s trade value software to receive an appraisal on his vehicle. “I don’t remember checking a box to enter for the prize, so when you called me, I was shocked,” John says.


Shocked, of course, was an understatement. As a retired police officer, John thought the initial call and email from PERQ was a scam, and so did his wife, Edie. “We were debating on whether to call you back and that’s why we waited a few days,” John says. “I was thinking, no, this isn’t real. We visited PERQ online to see if it was a legit business. Then, when we received a call from our local dealership, Dahl Ford, and we felt better. But it still wasn’t sinking in.”


After visiting Dahl Ford and filling out the necessary paperwork to claim their winnings, John says, it still really hadn’t sunk in that they had won the $25,000 FATWIN prize. “Basically, when they handed me the check, that’s when it felt real,” he says. It was just as surprising for Nichole Simms, Director of Marketing and Lead Development at Dahl Ford, a family-owned dealership that started in Westby, Wisconsin, in 1911 and opened in Davenport, Iowa, in 1937. Chad Spada, a client success manager at PERQ, left Simms a message the first week of February. “He said, you need to call me right now,” she recalls. “I thought there was a problem. Instead, I was super excited to find out the winner came from the PERQ trade appraisal tool on our website. It’s really great for us to be a part of this. I didn’t know the odds were so big.”


John had been chosen out of 302,198 eligible entries for the $25,000 FATWIN Grand Prize Drawing. Simms says Dahl Ford added PERQ on their website in 2015, with the option for their customers to enter the PERQ FATWIN sweepstakes. “The software makes our website very consumer friendly,” she says. “Through the interactive tools, visitors can educate themselves while providing us all of their information. It makes for an easy transition from online to the showroom. It’s like we already had an initial conversation with consumers on our website.”


Simms says her favorite aspect about the PERQ software is that it gets online visitors to engage and, in return, helps the dealership close the deal with car shoppers more easily. “PERQ is the best generating, most cost effective lead provider we’ve had. For us, it’s the highest converting on appointments and highest converting on sold vehicles, and it is the most engaging software for the consumer.”


John says the trade appraisal software on Dahl Ford’s website was helpful in getting an estimate of his vehicle’s value. And although he never purchased a truck from the dealership because it had sold before he could make an offer, he says the dealership has been helpful.


Simms says when John and Edie arrived to pick up the check at the dealership, they were beaming from ear to ear. “When we presented them with the large cardboard check they were excited, but when I handed them the real check that’s when it hit and they were even more excited,” she says. “They were very gracious.”


John and Edie say they’re not quite sure what they’ll do with the check yet, but likely will spend the money on home improvements and then “hit the road.” “Our kids are spread out. One daughter is in New York and the other is in California, so I think we’ll go visit them,” John says. “We just appreciate this. It definitely makes us happy.”


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