PERQ wins for Marketing Tech at the Mira Awards!

By: Felicia Savage

Back in February, it was announced that PERQ had been nominated for the Marketing Tech Award at the 2014 TechPoint Mira awards… and on May 3rd, we won!


There’s no question that our company has evolved quite rapidly over the last few years. As an organization, we’ve taken a tremendous amount of pride in the way we’ve developed our company’s mission and culture.


Since our early days, our top priority has always been to solve our client’s problems in the most affordable, streamlined way possible. In the beginning, our biggest hurdle was developing an affordable process for sending out highly time-sensitive mail to prospective customers within a restricted time-frame – and we did that. What made us especially proud was that this process didn’t depend on any type of advanced technology.


Next on the list, we found that dealerships needed a more systemized way to collect leads at event sales. This process required a tangible piece of technology (a kiosk), but it wasn’t solely dependent on it either.


As you’d expect, none of this came easy. Many of us endured cases of trial & error; and we had to work very hard to figure out what worked and what didn’t.


Looking back at our great journey from direct mail aficionados to advocates of the incentive-based promotions and games, we’re truly humbled and honored to win this award. The Marketing Tech award is a testament to our unwavering drive to make our clients happy and successful. It certainly wasn’t an easy journey, but it’s one that we’re truly proud of. It’s proof that if you work hard and think outside of the box, there’s so much that you can achieve!


Check out Scott Hill’s wonderful acceptance speech below:]