PERQ Leads Result in Profit Boost for Gallery Furniture

By: Kristy Esch

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Results from PERQ

  • 11,066% ROI IN 1 MONTH


Gallery Furniture Scores Big with New PERQ Leads


Business for Gallery Furniture, the Houston retailer that opened two of its furniture showrooms as shelters for Hurricane Harvey victims in August, is starting to return to normal after the turmoil. In addition to providing shelter, Gallery Furniture also gave away thousands of mattresses and more than 100 sofa sets to local veterans.


“We thought it might be a nice thing to give to the veterans in the area who were affected by the floods,” says Gallery Furniture’s Analytics Director Dan Marchione, adding that flood victims who sought shelter in the showrooms are now gone, and focus has shifted to recovery efforts.


While Gallery Furniture is sure to reap rewards for its generosity and community spirit, Marchione says the company’s decision to integrate PERQ’s Software on its website had a huge impact before the hurricane hit. In fact, it changed the store’s whole approach to sales and tracking leads, he says.


“We have devoted a ton of resources and man hours into learning what’s effective, trying different things, and PERQ is one of those things that we’ve really seen ROI on that’s trackable,” Marchione says. “It gives us a lot of useful information and it’s very effective.”


Founded in 1981, Gallery Furniture operates two Houston locations, 6006 North Freeway and 2411 Post Oak Boulevard, and a third in Richmond, Texas.


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Four New Hires Added to Handle Increase in PERQ Sales Leads


After implementing the PERQ Web Engagement software in March, Marchione says Gallery Furniture started receiving thousands of new leads per month. In response, the company scaled up its in-house digital marketing team by adding four new people.


“The numbers are mind-boggling. Just the amount of PERQ leads that we’re getting, and the ROI that we’re able to track. It’s just phenomenal,” Marchione says. “We’ve started getting so many leads that we’ve actually had to staff up and add people who just chase those leads down, and tons of those leads are converting.


”Just last week, one of those individuals chasing down PERQ leads converted $108,000 in sales,” he adds. “That’s out of a team of four. So that’s pretty good ROI in a week.”


Marchione says sales staff take the PERQ leads and send personalized emails to those consumers with more information directly related to what they searched for on the website. The map of the customer’s online journey “tells you exactly what they were looking at before they did the engagement experience and after,” he says. “Then [the salespeople] send personalized, follow-up emails and make phone calls. It’s just remarkable how effective that is.”


In addition to a personal touch, Marchione says the PERQ software allows Gallery Furniture’s sales staff to reach customers at the right time — when they are actually shopping for a mattress or sofa set. “It seems like the quicker we’re able to reply, the more we get,” he says.

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The Results from PERQ


One feature that came with the PERQ Engagement Software, the “What’s My Design Style?” interactive experience, really took off with customers, Marchione says.


The company has averaged 951 registrations per month just with the What’s My Design Style? quiz and an average monthly increase of 2,091% in web registrations overall.


PERQ allows customers to sign up for a design consultation and Gallery Furniture sends a decorator to their home for the consultation. “It’s generated some phenomenal sales,” Marchione says. Just in the last 30 days, one customer made two purchases over $33,000 each, and several others ranged from $10,000 to $30,000.


Using PERQ Web Engagement has definitely changed the way Gallery Furniture conducts business today. “Old-school marketing is not nearly as effective as digital marketing,” Marchione says of the biggest lesson learned.


Before PERQ, when Gallery Furniture started experiencing declining sales due to online companies like Amazon and Wayfair, the company realized it needed to change its business model and ramp up its digital marketing efforts, he says.


PERQ was the right answer. “I wish we would have found them 12 months ago,” Marchione says, especially after experiencing a 11,066% in ROI in just one month and a 14.55% average lead to sale conversion in just five months.


“We can’t track the ROI of the newspaper ads or the TV commercials, but you sure can when you get the actual lead form from somebody, and that turns into personal, identifiable information.”

“We’ve started getting so many leads that we’ve actually had to staff up and add people who just chase those leads down, and tons of those leads are converting.”

Dan Marchione, Analytics Director