The Fundamentals of Increasing Your Newspaper Circulation with Promotions

By: Kelly Olsen

Increasing your newspaper circulation isn’t an easy task, but with hard work and smart promotion packages, it’s very possible. In order to do just that, however, you have to think outside the box. In fact, get a little crazy. Create promotions that will give your customers something that they both want and need.



Utilize Single Copy Sales

Single copy sales of newspapers are a great way to increase your newspaper’s circulation. Selling subscriptions can be difficult, but selling one copy of a newspaper is a lot easier. Whether or not your paper sells depends on your target audience and the promotions that target your core audience.


Prime Targeting

Plain and simple, every news publication has a specific audience they cater to. Depending on who the newspaper is speaking to, the writing could be really complex or really simplified. Either way, it’s wise to continue developing content and promotions for that audience. If your audience, for example, consists of entrepreneurs between the ages of 25 and 35, you better make sure the stories consist of stuff that falls within their industry and age bracket.


Deals & Promotions

One great way to entice people to buy your newspaper is by incentivizing them. Just make sure the incentives align with the interests of your target audience. Let’s say your audience still consists of the young we just talked about. Offering to give away a lawn mower with the purchase of a paper isn’t exactly exciting. Offering to give away an iPad or tickets to a conference, on the other hand, might get them to make a separator multi tri | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Getting Involved With Your Community

One method that’s definitely tried and true for selling papers is engaging with people and becoming active in your community! Offering incentives on the cover the paper itself is certainly helpful, but there’s nothing quite like interacting with real people and gauging their interests. Go ahead and set up kiosks at local events so residents can win prizes. Or better yet, why not host an event like a job fair or carnival to show your community involvement. This kind of stuff will increase brand awareness and it’ll help attracting new customers who want to learn about more stuff happening in their community!blog separator multi tri | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Online Promotion: Who’s Clicking?

“]If you don’t have a strong online presence, you’re missing out on a huge market. When deployed properly, online promotions can increase your circulation. Contests, daily deals, coupons, and sweepstakes are all very effective techniques. Do more than your competitors and their traditional advertising efforts. Get involved on social media, and keep track of what you find out about your customers. One of the best things about online promotions is all of the valuable information you get, which should be used to inform your next separator multi tri | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Run Coupon Inserts

A common way to increase newspaper circulation and generate interest is to include inserts in your newspaper with useful coupons and incentives your demographic is interested in.


Example: If there’s a new yoga studio that’s opened up in an up-and-coming neighborhood, work with that studio to get an ad in with a coupon for a free session.


Establish a day that most people want to receive coupons or inserts and perhaps think about running inserts about twice a week. Example: If there’s a new yoga studio that’s opened up in an up-and-coming neighborhood, work with that studio to get an ad in with a coupon for a free session.

These businesses are looking for a way to reach more people and so are you. It’s mutually beneficial to work together.


There are a variety of ways to increase your newspaper’s readership. There might be some footwork involved, but it’ll all be worth it once you start seeing increased revenue. Newspapers are made for communities; so really honing in on the community aspect is extremely important to success of your campaign. In conclusion, give the people what they want!


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