Neil Kelty, You Will be Missed

By: Andy Medley

CEO and Co-Founder of PERQ

I’m struggling right now as most who knew Neil probably are. What a good dude.  The kind of person you want in this world. One that had so much passion for everything he put his mind to. One that wanted to make this world a better place. One that did make this world a better place.




I was lucky enough to get to know Neil over the last year as he came on board to help us build our technology. When I found out he was 23, it shocked me. He was wise beyond his years, both emotionally and professionally. He could handle a room of experienced execs and force us to make decisions and move forward. Not normal for a guy that age. There was always a calmness and positivity that gave the people around him confidence. The feeling that no matter the current situation or the brevity of the task at hand, we would persevere. His career runway was limitless and no doubt he would have accomplished anything he set his mind on. He already was.


His passion for biking and the way in which he went about it showed everything you needed to know about Neil.  After I read his post on, this was my tweet back to him –


And here I sit, wondering what to do, seeing the trivial nature of everything on my to do list. Feeling guilty, sad, and a bit lost.  I feel for his family and friends and I’m truly sorry for their (our) loss.  You will be missed, Neil. The PERQ team was lucky to have known you and your impact won’t be forgotten.