Mobile Marketing Techniques for Furniture Stores

By: Audrey Moistner

You’ve taken all of the steps necessary to improve your furniture store’s online experience and generate more leads for your furniture sales team. As the influx of online leads continues, many furniture retailers now find themselves asking: “How can I take all of these online inquiries and convert them into a sale? The answer: mobile marketing. There are several digital marketing tactics and interactive experiences that furniture retailers should be implementing if they want to help their furniture sales team improve the web visitor to sale conversion rates. Adding interactive experiences online can help to not only increase engagement with consumers and generate more leads but  generate higher quality leads as well


Unfortunately, generating more and higher quality leads is not always the final step in converting online furniture shoppers into a sale. It’s essential that furniture stores take the data captured from their online interactive experiences and use it to nurture their website visitors and lead them down the conversion path.


By now you’ve probably experimented with email campaigns – they are one of the most widely used methods to nurture leads and are an inexpensive way to keep online furniture shoppers engaged with your store. But as always, technology is adapting. A new marketing method called mobile marketing is a great platform for leveraging lead nurturing.


Studies have found that Americans spend an average of 10 hours a day on mobile devices and that mobile internet usage is beginning to surpass desktop usage. Many retailers are discovering that mobile marketing is no longer optional; if your furniture sales team is not adjusting your marketing efforts to meet the demands of this mobile revolution, there’s a strong chance you’re losing customers to companies that are.


It’s essential that furniture stores take the data captured from their online interactive experiences and use it to nurture their website visitors and lead them down the conversion path.


What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a digital marketing strategy that aims to reach consumers on their smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices via multiple channels such as websites, SMS, social media, apps, and more.


To employ an effective mobile marketing campaign, retailers must understand their mobile audience and design their content with mobile platforms in mind. If done properly, furniture sales team can use mobile marketing to reach out to potential customers and give them personalized and time-sensitive information on the go on their mobile devices.


Types of Mobile Marketing

There are many different mobile marketing strategies and techniques that span several channels.


SMS Marketing: Also known as text message marketing, SMS marketing is one of the most up-and-coming mobile marketing techniques being utilized today. SMS marketing is a practice that uses permission-based text messaging to send promotional messages. Generally, a goal of using SMS marketing is to increase customer loyalty and keep potential customers engaged by sending reminders and notifications for upcoming events.


Ashley Furniture Homestore recently generated $138,460 from a four-day “Secret Sale” that was advertised through an SMS and email campaign. $85,438 of this revenue was attributed to text messages alone. During this campaign, the furniture retailer used contact information gathered from previous marketing efforts to send digital coupons to customers via text message. Executives at Ashley Furniture were elated at the success that came from this campaign and shocked to find out that the SMS portion of the campaign was more successful than the emails.


App-based marketing and Mobile Search Ads: App-based marketing is a technique that involves placing advertisements inside mobile apps. While it’s important for retailers to have an app of their own that consumers can navigate and engage with easily, services like Google Admob allow you to advertise products inside third-party apps, giving you a broader audience than just those that have already downloaded your app.


Mobile search ads are simply basic Google search ads, but optimized for mobile. Often, these search ads will feature extra add-on extensions like app downloads, click-to-call, or maps to navigate to your store. These two mobile marketing tools often align because search is a major source of app discovery. In fact, one in four app users discover apps through search.


Location-based marketing: Location based marketing can also be utilized across multiple mobile marketing channels. If using location-based marketing for ads, ads will appear on a user’s mobile device based on their location relative to a certain area or business. This would allow you to place advertisements about special deals being offered whenever a customer is near your store. Location-based marketing can also be used in SMS marketing. In this case, WiFi or Bluetooth is used to send promotional messages about products and services to a  nearby user’s mobile device via text message.


Whether you’re using email campaigns or mobile marketing techniques, it’s vital that your furniture sales team nurture online shoppers in order to convert these leads to a sale.