Meet Chad Spada: Client Success Manager at PERQ

By: Chad Spada

Chad Spada was hired on this year as our Client Success Manager. He’s taken over the blog to tell us all a little bit about his job and why client success is so important at PERQ.

Hi, I’m Chad. I love long walks on the beach, puppies and sunsets…oops, wrong blog post. I have a wide range of 20 years’ experience working mostly in marketing and client management with over 5 years consulting with auto dealerships. I have a passion for quality driven results and helping others achieve their goals. I am a movie buff and even try to expose my teenage sons not only to a great action or horror flick but also a good romantic comedy every now and then. I get my competitive drive from my love for hockey and often try to show I still got it on the ice. You can even find me rolling through the office here at PERQ.


One reason why I believe PERQ Web Engagement is so unique is through our interactive experience lead generation. I help dealerships better engage with their prospective customers through dynamic pathing and smart CTAs that help get the right message to the right customer at the right time. This is a fairly new concept in the auto industry so I am here to help guide our clients so that they are not only getting a software package but a partnership as well. We don’t just give them the keys to the car without teaching them to drive- we want to set them up for success.


Keeping our Auto Dealership Clients Happy

In my role as the client success manager, the most important element of my job is to keep clients successful and happy with results. I take our clients from the sales process and walk them through implementation of our product while simultaneously trying to work out a strategy with them that will get them the best quality leads and results while tracking successes and optimizing when needed.


Our clients’ happiness and return on investment is essential to growing our product and brand. I had one client where I was able to suggest some changes to their messaging and optimizing their CTAs and in one month’s time increased their lead volume over 300%, resulting in 3 more of their locations added to our product. By setting clients up for success from the very start of doing business with PERQ, we are building a long-term relationship that shows we can be relied on to be there for the client when they need us.


I can’t stress how important it is to understand clients’ goals and what they’re hoping to get out of the software. For some, it’s simply volume of leads. For others, it’s about the quality of leads. Either way, I need to identify what is important to them and keep that in mind throughout my support.


I can’t stress how important it is to understand clients’ goals and what they’re hoping to get out of the software.

Being the Quarterback of Client Success to Drive Home Quality Leads


My day to day is definitely fast-paced and exciting! I am very happy to be part of the PERQ team and also the fast growth of our product’s popularity. Every day brings new and exciting challenges as we help dealerships better engage with their customers, gain more or better quality leads which turn into sales adding more income to their bottom line.


As my clients are busy with working the leads we help provide, it can be difficult to always connect by phone. I want my clients to understand they have a partner here willing to help. Although email seems like clients preferred method of communicating, I like to get on the phone and I can let my personality shine through. Once we begin emailing, I try to let my personality carry over that as well!


Sometimes, I feel like the quarterback of client success: I help keep track of the projects and tasks coming in from sales and clients and make sure to delegate them to my team. I’m the contact point and the coordinator, helping keep clients happy and make sure they’re achieving their goals.