Marshall Dry Ridge Toyota & PERQ Web Engagement

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Interactive Experiences & Lead Counts – 2.5 Months

  • 91 E-PRICE
  • 272 TOTAL


Dealership Situation


Marshall Dry Ridge Toyota (Marshall) serves the greater Dry Ridge, Kentucky, area just south of Cincinnati. They offer a variety of new and used Toyota, Scion, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM vehicles, as well as service and parts. The Marshall team understands that buying a car is a process that takes time and consideration, and they’re committed to making it as easy as possible for car shoppers.


As with many dealerships, Marshall continuously tries to increase its number of inbound leads while also improving the quality of them so that its sales team can engage in conversations that are meaningful to their prospects. Before engaging with PERQ, Marshall Dry Ridge Toyota was constantly searching for and trying new sources of digital lead capture, from different trade-in vendors to other providers that offered one-off solutions for web traffic. But the vendors provided no interaction with the Marshall team and no real long-term website solution for lead capturing of traffic already on their website. The Marshall team needed a partner, a team that would be involved in a larger lead generation strategy that could capture all types of leads on their website, and not just a one-off tool.


The Solution: PERQ Web Engagement


Marshall Dry Ridge Toyota signed on with PERQ Web Engagement, choosing the complete package for their website strategy. The complete package of PERQ Web Engagement includes multiple types of interactive experiences, allowing Marshall to use e-Price, special offer, trade and promotional experiences on their website. Using all types of experiences ensures that they capture all types of leads that visit their website.


The Marshall web strategy integrates each experience with website personalization, so that their website visitors are shown the right offer in the right place on their website. Using PERQ, the Marshall team also collects large consumer profiles on every lead that comes through their interactive experiences, giving their BDC department plenty of conversation-starting data to use when calling the leads. See breakdown of experiences in image.


The Results


In the first two months of using PERQ, Marshall Dry Ridge Toyota experienced a significant lift in web engagement and conversion of online traffic into leads. In March alone, their web lead count tripled – with PERQ Web Engagement playing a large part.


Compared to tools that Marshall had previously used, like Black Book and Auto Trader, PERQ Web Engagement gives Marshall more volume of higher-quality leads. For example, using Black Book in July 2015, Marshall only received 21 leads with five appointments set up, two appointments showing up, and only one car being sold. And that was considered a “good” month. With PERQ, they saw five times as many trade in leads in just over two months.


“If it wasn’t for PERQ Web Engagement, those leads would have been lost without them giving us their contact information,” said Kevin Ireland, IT/Marketing Manager. These new leads allowed Marshall to see where the traffic was coming from and how to better interest them into coming into the dealership. With each lead the Marshall team receives from PERQ, they receive a detailed consumer profile. Aggregated data shows that 73% of Marshall’s trade leads have never purchased from them, 67% of trade leads prefer to be contacted be email and 80% have marked their trade purchase timeframe as “Now”. The Marshall team also learned that 37% of e-price leads are ready to buy now and 75% don’t have a loan on their car. And the list of data collected goes on, and on.


When asked what he would say to other dealerships about PERQ Web Engagement, manager Ireland was coy with his response: “I don’t like to play fair.” Ireland was so happy with PERQ, that he doesn’t want the secret of Marshall’s success to get out!


“I’d recommend PERQ Web Engagement to any dealership looking for a real web strategy partner, not just another vendor. They’ve helped our team capture all types of leads from our website and they are extremely easy to work with.” Kevin Ireland, IT/Marketing Manager

Besides the newest addition with Kelley Blue Book, PERQ also partners with NADA for trade-in data, giving dealerships options for how they prefer to value trades.