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La-Z-Boy Increases Weekday Appointments

La-Z-Boy Results

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Ottawa & Kingston, Canada, wanted a way to draw more showroom traffic on weekdays and encourage potential customers to utilize its free design services. By sending personalized, automatically-generated email campaigns to online shoppers, they’ve been able to achieve both goals. They’ve optimized their lead follow up based on what shoppers say they are interested in and where they’re at in the buying process.


“The showrooms are so busy on weekends. Booking design appointments during the week levels the load and allows us to give clients more dedicated help and attention,” says David Maxwell, President of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Ottawa & Kingston. “The emails definitely increased our bookings. Design services were 20% to 25% of our business, and now it makes up 30% to 35%.”


After seeing how well personalized lead nurturing works, Maxwell and his team have adjusted their approach to digital marketing. “Now we think about opportunities and ways we can help customers — before they ever enter the store.”


In the first nine months, La-Z-Boy designers landed 69% of their consultations through PERQ’s automated email nurture. “Overall, I’m very happy,” Maxwell says. “It helps create and advance our relationship with clients, better than anything else we’ve tried.”


Personalized Email Communication Increases Foot Traffic


The La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Ottawa & Kingston says it was important first to increase engagement on their website through PERQ’s interactive AI-driven software. By being able to help shoppers narrow their choices through quizzes — such as a chair assessment to decide which type of recliner best fits their needs or a quiz to narrow down a preferred design style — they’ve gained valuable consumer insights that are automatically leveraged in emails.

The showrooms are so busy on weekends. Booking design appointments during the week levels the load and allows us to give clients more dedicated help and attention.

David Maxwell, President of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Ottawa & Kingston


Targeted email content related to the shopper’s interests drives them back to the website to book an appointment. The emails increase consumer engagement with the brand and give retailers a channel to communicate with potential clients on a personal level.


Maxwell says he attributes the personalization of the emails to having a great open rate over 42%, which is far above the industry average of 20%. “I think a lot of those clients come into the store without ever making a booking, after interacting with our website and getting the emails.”


La-Z-Boy Says Engaging Tips and Advice in Emails Help Shoppers


La-Z-Boy emails offer insightful and engaging content to assist the shopper in the quest to find the perfect furniture for their home, such as expert design tips and advice. “It’s the non-product stuff that gets engagement,” Maxwell says.


Once La-Z-Boy shoppers sign up for a design consultation on their website, they receive two final emails: one with tips on how to get the most out of their upcoming meeting with a La-Z-Boy interior designer, and another sent on the day of the appointment as a reminder.



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“The nurturing creates a relationship between the designer and client,” Maxwell says. “People feel responsible to interact with the designer who sends the emails, telling her if they’re going to miss an appointment or follow up when they say they will.”


| PERQ AI Leasing Assistant


Following up with consumers by automated email simplifies the process to make it both manageable for La-Z-Boy, and Maxwell says setting it didn’t take a lot of work on their team’s end. “Implementation was easy and pretty straightforward,” Maxwell says. “No complaints, but that’s how I expect things to go. It doesn’t always go like that, especially with technology.”