Krieger Ford Sees Success with PERQ Website Conversion Software

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First Month Results on PERQ Web Engagement



Dealership Profile


For more than 50 years, Krieger Ford has sold vehicles in a family-owned environment focusing on establishing a good reputation. Internet Sales Manager Chris Thomas says as they transition to third-generation ownership, they owe much of their success to dedicated employees, many who have been with Krieger for 20-plus years that have developed lifelong relationships with their customers.


“The majority of folks we see are repeat customers and referrals, and we really live and breathe by word of mouth,” Thomas says.


With about 350+ new and 130+ used vehicles on the lot, Thomas says their driving mission has always been taking care of the customer and telling the story of the customer experience. “We’re not a high-pressure, get-all-the-sales-at-any-cost type of place.


Over the past few years, Krieger Ford has invested in marketing their auto business in the digital space. Thomas says they focused their traffic in classified sites like Autotrader and about three to four years ago, but realized they weren’t converting visitors into buyers for the auto dealership.


“While we still have a presence [on classified sites], we’ve dramatically reduced the amount of spend and refocused it on our website and vendors — like PERQ — that drive traffic to our website,” Thomas says. “Classified sites are customer-oriented, but they’re not aligned to covert that visitor to a lead for me.”


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PERQ Converts Website Visitors into Quality Leads


With a goal of driving as many people to their auto dealership website as possible, Thomas says he knew Krieger Ford had to find a way to convert those visitors to quality leads.


“One of the big keys was personalization of the customer experience. You have tons of messages that could potentially resonate with customers, but all of those messages don’t resonate with every customer.”


Thomas says it often leads dealership websites to be cluttered and overwhelming for the visitor: “Customers pull it up and it looks like every special and every announcement is screaming at you.”


Krieger Ford found a solution with PERQ Web Engagement, starting in October 2015 and upgrading their offerings in December 2016.


Thomas says he was especially attracted to PERQ because of the ability to dynamically offer up conversion buttons, banners and advertisements to completely individualize the customer experience. “Interactive CTAs enhance the experience on the website,” Thomas says. “We’re creating more of a real-time conversation.”


Realizing Krieger Ford had different customer bases, whether it was a new car shopper, a used car shopper, a new visitor or a returning visitor, Thomas says PERQ Web Engagement gave him a way to personalize the experience for each customer.


“You have to watch user behavior on your site, segment them into the type of customer they are, and then begin to offer them up conversion opportunities that will most likely resonate with them and what they’re trying to do.”


When a customer comes back to your website, Thomas says, PERQ allows you to essentially keep a record of what they’re doing on your website. It helps your customer continue on the car-buying journey without making them start from the very beginning. “It’s a happy surprise… without being creepy,” Thomas says.


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PERQ Results


Looking back at 2015, Thomas says he’s glad he made the change to PERQ. “It replaced the Black Book tool on our site and that was a complete night and day difference,” he says, noting they received about 10 trade leads in a year leading up to PERQ conversion.


“In the first month, we had received 35 trade leads from PERQ. We were able to capture a new segment of customers that were coming to our site.” Thomas says they typically have averaged about 10-12 sales each month from PERQ Web Engagement.


In the first month of upgrading to PERQ, Krieger Ford has seen 110 unique leads, 25 leads to show and 9 sales from those leads. They’ve also seen a 92% average form completion rate.


Thomas says Krieger Ford is also seeing better quality leads from PERQ web engagement, capturing quality contact information for those leads, too. “We still have some static lead forms on the site,” Thomas says. “We haven’t completely transitioned away from that, but we are going to as we move down that path of creating the best personalized experience.”


Besides the newest addition with Kelley Blue Book, PERQ also partners with NADA for trade-in data, giving dealerships options for how they prefer to value trades.


As an added bonus, Thomas says, the price point has been easy to step into without breaking the bank. But more so than that, the age of the company and the passion and dedication of the folks at PERQ really resonated with Thomas.


“They’ve continually bent over backwards to help me,” Thomas says. “I’ve worked closely with [product manager] Russ Chandler at PERQ on a few occasions and he asks: ‘If this could do exactly what you wanted it to do, what would it look like?’ He’s wide open to hearing feedback. It’s really important to me to be working with vendors that actually care.”


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“The price point has always been a very attractive piece of PERQ Web Engagement, but more than that, the passion and dedication of the folks there really resonated with me. They’ve continually bent over backwards to help me.” Chris Thomas, Internet Sales Manager