How to Run Your Own Text-to-Enter Promotion

By: Felicia Savage

A few days ago, we discussed how and why our texting (or text-to-enter) add-on was such a great way to engage with consumers. If you found the text-to-enter option to be nothing short of awesome (we hope you do!), then we have a treat for you. Today, we’re going to go through all the necessary steps for running a text-to-enter promotion. Yes, we realize it’s an add-on, but the addition of the texting option can have a paramount effect on your ROI. Here’s how to get started:

Determine Your Theme & Microsite

First thing’s first: You need to choose a campaign theme. Not only are themes crucial for overall brand recognition, but they illustrate a very specific promotion that’s going on at your dealership. When deciding on what theme to select, think about the consumer base you want to engage with as well as the one you already have. That should help narrow down your selection. Next, you’ll want to choose a microsite that corresponds with your theme’s promotion. Across whatever channels you possess, your texting code should have the same theme as your microsite. You want everything to remain cohesive.


Select Your Placement Channels

Once you’ve determined what theme you’re going to use and you’ve chosen your microsite link, pick out the advertising channels you’ll be placing your texting number/code on. While we’ll always recommend using our channels (‘cuz they’re awesome, of course!), you can share the code on practically any channel you wish. You might even consider sharing the code on traditional advertising channels that don’t have a means of “direct measuring” like: billboards, television, in-store banners, radio, etc. In fact, the text-to-enter add-on would make it easier for you to measure the success of those traditional channels. FATWIN’s CRM allows dealers to see when a user has entered their information via text.


Come Up With An Offer

In order to persuade prospective buyers into whipping out their phones to text, you need to offer something awesome; like the chance to win a new vehicle, $100,000 or a number of other cool prizes. Consumers almost always need a reason for doing anything… even if it’s something as simple as texting. The sweeter the offer, the more satisfied the end-user will be. Besides, texting is super-duper easy and if they don’t end up winning anything, at least they didn’t spend tons of time filling out their information. That, and consumers almost always have the opportunity to make an appointment for a test drive or consultation – which can also be incentivized.


Tracking Results & Making Changes

As I mentioned before, results coming from the text-to-enter add-on can be tracked within your FATWIN CRM. You’ll gain a better understanding of where your texting consumers are coming from, what they’re purchasing (or what they’ve purchased in the past), when they plan on purchasing, etc. If you find that certain channels aren’t performing as well as you’d hoped and they can be changed mid-campaign (like Targeted Display or Banner Ads), you can alter the copy or creative to ensure they’re getting better engagement. However, if a channel that can’t be changed isn’t performing well, you can use the data from your CRM To implement a better strategy in future campaigns.


For more information on how to run your own text-to-enter promotion, call 800.873.3117 to speak with an account representative now.