Help Furniture Customers Research in Exchange for Valuable Data

By: Felicia Savage

Furniture customers conduct research online before ever stepping into a showroom. With the right technology, furniture stores can assist consumers in the decision-making process and create brand loyalty while also gathering lead data on website visitors.


Houston resident Nadyne Yarbrough couldn’t stand her living room sofa, so she did what most furniture customers do first. “I always research online before buying anything,” Yarbrough says. “My old sofa was too squishy. You felt like you were sitting on the floor and needed a crane to get back up.”


For those reasons, Yarbrough knew she wanted to personally test sofas inside furniture store showrooms. But first, she logged onto her computer to research styles and pricing. She also wanted to see the fabric color firsthand. “I definitely like websites that offer more information,” Yarbrough says. “If I’m looking for something and there’s limited information, I’ll move on to another site.”


Yarbrough isn’t alone in her desire to gather as much information as possible before stepping inside a furniture showroom. Seventy percent of furniture customers first shop online to research before buying.


Furniture store owners can capitalize on this digital trend by implementing tech tools that help them connect with online visitors during the research phase, resulting in more data and showroom sales.


Engage Furniture Customers with Interactive Tools

Yarbrough thought she knew what style of sofa she wanted, but then she landed on a local furniture retailer’s website that offered an interactive sofa assessment. After answering a few quick questions, she says she learned the style she had in mind wasn’t really what she wanted after all. She says that saved her some headaches when it came time to shop in person.


Thanks to evolving technology, it’s easier than ever to add customized website tools that assist furniture customers in finding exactly what they’re seeking without revamping an entire website.


“PERQ has made it truly very simple to implement attractive lead generation opportunities on any website.”


Ben McClure, co-owner of Gardner’s Mattress & More.


From design style evaluations that narrow down the types of furniture the customer may prefer to mattress assessments that give consumers personalized advice as they select a make and model that best fits their sleep habits, interactive content gives furniture customers detailed information on what they’re specifically seeking while also delivering valuable customer data to furniture stores.


“PERQ has made it truly very simple to implement attractive lead generation opportunities on any website,” says Ben McClure, co-owner of Gardner’s Mattress & More. “Consumers are seeking information first, and they do that online.furniture_pricing_graphic

Gather Valuable Data on Furniture Customers

Website tools that help furniture customers conduct research are only as good as the data they deliver to retailers. Furniture store owners must be able to track web inquiries and online leads that convert to in-store sales in order to truly measure ROI. It’s then that they can make adjustments as needed.


By tracking IP addresses and recording valuable information on each furniture customer who gives information through online experiences, retailers can reliably log each visitor’s personal shopping preferences and remember them when they return to the website or visit the showroom.


Increase Time on Furniture Website

A quality website experience also boosts the amount of time a furniture customer will spend searching on a site. This is something that can be easily tracked for retailers. Research shows the longer a shopper spends looking on a store’s website, the more likely they are to buy from that store.


Furniture buyer Luke Fishero shopped around online for a month before buying a dining room table set from a local furniture retailer’s showroom. He says intuitive website navigation and quality search features determined how much time he spent researching on any furniture store website.


“This is something that can be easily tracked for retailers.”


“I think many websites need to be improved for ease of searching,” Fishero says. “You need to be able to easily navigate the online section of the store. The easier it is to draw me in, the more likely I will spend time looking.”


Collecting specific details on what each online shopper is looking for streamlines the search process and avoids bombarding consumers with irrelevant information that’s sure to frustrate as they scroll through endless pages of products.


Create Brand Loyalty with Furniture Customers

Help furniture customers conduct research on your website to create customer loyalty and boost brand engagement. Some retailers that implement our technology to give relevant, real-time interactions with visitors experience as much as a 1,000-percent increase in web engagement.


“Customers are pre-shopping on the web and then come into the store to confirm their purchase,” says Seth Weisblatt, owner of Sam’s Appliance & Furniture. “Every business owner must accept responsibility for the change in the business model. If the store owner will not invest their time and money on technology — the customer will easily see this and start shopping elsewhere.”