Gene B. Glick Leverages Prospect Data to Provide a Greater Customer Experience

By: Kristy Esch

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Multifamily Management Company Offers Tailored and Immediate Interaction to Rental Prospects Online


Glick PERQ Results for Multifamily Property

Gene B. Glick, a multifamily housing development and management company, wanted to make a connection with customers, converting the online experience into an appointment before even speaking with a leasing agent. The leasing professionals at Glick understood that customers make decisions online about where they want to move and that by providing a helpful and memorable online experience, they would generate more leads and appointments from the property website.


“We know that prospective renters are completing their apartment research online and making decisions about where they want to live well in advance of speaking to anyone on the leasing team,” says Jenny Richard, Glick’s Director of Marketing. “This means we must provide the best online experience and ensure we are offering the most up-to-date information.” 


A long-time leader in the multifamily housing industry, the Gene B. Glick Company was founded in 1947 and remains one of the largest privately-held real estate management groups in the U.S. The Indianapolis-based company currently owns and manages more than 20,000 units in 13 states. 


“Customers choose their home based upon their lifestyle choices. Our website analytics and online engagement experiences provide us with data to help us see what is important to our renter,” Richard says. “The multifamily experience continues to evolve and improve. The tailored approach is more recent.”


Gene B. Glick Unlocks the Value of their Website for Lead Generation


Historically, Glick’s leasing teams used customer data more as a checklist for what the prospect desired in a property. Now, by providing an enhanced AI-driven online website conversion experience for each online visitor, they approach the data captured about each prospect as valuable information to connect with the customer.


“Our website analytics capture essential details and trends about what is important to our renter,” Richard says. “Additionally, the data we collect helps us better understand how our prospective renters are making decisions in regards to items such as their preferred floor plan.”


Glick’s management regularly reviews the website analytics to measure performance, with a strategic focus on appointment conversion, response times, lead attribution and overall customer experience.


“We use the results of the data to meet with our property managers, to set benchmarks and monitor the results of our efforts,” Richard says. “The data we receive from the website allows us to make better decisions. Collecting what amenities are important from one property to another, where they like to spend their time outside the community, understanding our customers’ journey and how far in advance they are looking before they move are some examples of what we focus on.”


Find the Connection, Convert to an Appointment


Richard says Glick considers the property website a primary leasing tool and views it as the final step in the customer’s journey, before setting an appointment and engaging with the leasing team. 


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By adding an online appointment-setting feature, Glick offers customers the opportunity to immediately schedule a tour of the apartment community while finishing up their online research. Onsite team members use a prospect’s online data to plan and adapt tours to each customer — ensuring the best first impression when the guest arrives at the property.


“We know the importance of responding promptly is imperative to reduce the risk of losing a potential renter,” Richard says. “Utilizing the PERQ tool, we have seen a higher level of leads and an increase in the number of appointments set by prospective residents.”


Creating the Personalized Customer Experience


Richard says integrating a variety of different interactive website conversion experiences onto their property website allows Glick leasing specialists to develop more engaging relationships with prospects and provide better customer service. Prospective residents conveniently acquire all of the information they need to make a decision, without being forced to contact the leasing office or submit a guest card. 


“PERQ allows us to offer an enhanced experience for the customer, and provides us with the data of those interactions to help our teams ensure a better experience and build relationships.”

Jenny Richard, Glick’s Director of Marketing


Glick starts gaining trust before rental prospects visit in person. Communicating with consumers in a timely, personalized way makes them feel comfortable and confident with the support they’ll receive from the property management staff after signing a lease. 


“PERQ allows us to offer an enhanced experience for the customer, and provides us with the data of those interactions to help our teams ensure a better experience and build relationships,” Richard says.