Fishers Imports Guides Online Car Shopping with PERQ

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90 Day Results with PERQ

  • 27% LEAD TO SALE




In the pre-owned luxury auto sales industry since 2011, Fishers Imports has always aimed at raising the bar when it comes to the car buying experience.


The Fishers, Indiana, dealership focuses on the philosophy of educating their customers first, so when they saw a demo of PERQ Web Engagement, they knew they had to implement the software on their website.


“It’s up to us to help educate customers and be upfront with them,” says Peyman Rashid, CEO and co-founder of Fishers Imports. “PERQ gives our customers the information they want in a really short period of time. We are just trying to empower them with all the info on our website because that is where they are. No one comes into the dealership and says I want to spend $40,000 because I saw a $40,000 car sitting there. They come to our dealership… because they’re spending time on the website first.”


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Guided Online Car Shopping Improves Time on Site


With PERQ Web Engagement’s interactive experiences, Rashid says customers are engaging with their website for longer periods of time because it’s easy for them to get the answers, whether it’s getting a trade value, checking for special offers, calculating their payments, scheduling a test drive, making an offer or getting pre-approved.


“People don’t want to use the chat service or pick up the phone and call you. PERQ allows the customer to interact with you on your website and it minimizes our work inside the dealership because customers can get the information for themselves.”


Rashid says he likes that his sales team collects a lot of information about the leads from those experiences, too, from how visitors prefer to be contacted to where they are in the buying process and how soon they’re ready to buy.


“With PERQ leads, we’re calling our customers with a lot of knowledge. We know what kind of car they own, we know what their pain points are, we know how quickly they are going to buy a car. We respond to them targeting the information they already gave to us.”


Fishers Imports Receives Quality Leads From PERQ


PERQ helps to guide the customer and remembers their information, whether they’ve been on the site for minutes or if they’re returning after several days, and never asks for the same information twice. The intuitive, personalized experience has also helped to bring results for Fishers Imports.


Over three months, the dealership had 293 unique leads and sold 109 cars thanks to PERQ’s interactive experiences — a conversion rate of 37%. “Customers don’t want to be sold to,” says Rashid. “That’s where PERQ comes in. You want to empower the customer online. If the customer feels like they’re winning, that’s when you win.”


PERQ’s online interactive experiences, which have had a 12% click to lead conversion in 90 days for Fishers Imports, are also helping to drive leads onto the lot. Rashid says he’s seen a 38% lead to showroom visit. With those results, Rashid says he would recommend PERQ to other dealerships. “PERQ is a great solution for the reasonable amount they charge. You get good qualified leads.”


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“Customers don’t want to be sold to. That’s where PERQ comes in. You want to empower the customer online. If the customer feels like they’re winning, that’s when you win.” Peyman Rashid, CEO & Co-Founder of Fishers Imports