Hitting a Direct Mail High Score: Keeping Score

By: Tim Hickle

person using ipad at a table with coffeWhen done correctly, direct mail marketing can bump up your sales numbers and skyrocket your revenue. This is the last of our three-part series on how to hit a direct mail high score—make sure to read parts one and two.

This time, it’s all about keeping score. With increasingly available technology, we’re not only able to keep track of our campaign responses, we’re also able to increase the rate at which we get them. It’s time for round three – do these things and see an instant boost in your direct mail results.

Get Techy with It


It’s important to keep up with the times. While direct mail may be one of the oldest forms of direct marketing, it doesn’t need to stay stuck in the past. The best way to keep your recipient engaged is by integrating an element of technology into your piece. Attaching a QR code or easy URL (Personalized URLs work best here) to the mail piece in the call to action will give recipients clear direction on what to do next. Tech integration makes the process easier, therefore pumping up the number of responses you’ll get.


Track! Track! Track!


Is your idea of tracking a pile of mailers on the corner of your desk? You likely spend serious money on direct mail, it’s time to take tracking your results seriously.  Knowing your results is the only way to help save money and get the most out of your campaign.  Every call to action -refer to part one– should be track-able. Using certain services, you can keep track of who responds and when. If you want to offer a phone number on the mail piece, you can find toll-free phone tracking companies that collect Caller ID information on every call that comes in. When it comes to walk-in mail responses, use a marketing partner that has in-store tracking software or kiosks.  Finally, any tech integration you’re using should have an easy response interface. Knowing the kinds of people and places that are responding to your direct mail will help you hone in on where to target, and where not to.


Keep Your Direct Mail Company Honest


If you’re paying your direct mail company to send out 15,000 pieces of mail, you want to know that every piece is being sent out to the appropriate places. Most direct mail companies offer verification to their customers, but this isn’t always the case. So what is verification, exactly? The USPS requires that postal documentation be present with every shipment of mail.  This documentation will show you how many pieces were verified and when by the Postal representative. Falsifying or messing with these documents is a federal offense.  In addition to the federal documentation, most companies will have easy access to tracking numbers for the shipping carrier moving your mail to the Post Offices.

If your direct mail company doesn’t automatically provide you with verification, they should be able to provide it upon request. If they don’t, you have every right to be concerned.