The Power of Car Dealer Scratch Off Mailers: Making your Direct Mail POP!

By: Felicia Savage

It’s a given that consumers receive tons of direct mail every single year. So much mail, in fact, that most of it goes unread and eventually gets thrown away. For the majority of dealers out there, this is their worst nightmare. And who can blame them? It’s no secret that good well-designed direct mail pieces take quite a bit of time to create. But despite the perfect composition, lettering and colors, it still might not stand out in a sea of other beautifully designed mail pieces. So, what can your dealership do to stand out?


For PERQ, one type of tried-and-true mail that has been consistently successful has been “dimensional mail.” Car dealer scratch off mailers are good examples of this. Dimensional mail is when you apply physical, handheld trinkets (or widgets as we like to call them) onto well-designed direct mail pieces. The primary goals of dimensional mail are to spark buyer curiosity (“Why is there a car key or credit card attached to this mailer?”) and to get buyers to engage with your dealership (“There’s a scratch-off on his mailer. Maybe I’ll win something cool!”). If consumers are paying attention to the widgets on your dimensional mail, then it’s likely they’ll read the other information on the mailer as well.


Dimensional mail pieces really allow dealers to get creative – and not just with the messaging and design. Dealers can choose widgets that they feel would help with consumer engagement. For example: If you’re hosting a giveaway or contest, a pull-tab option could be a way for consumers to see if they won anything.


There are a plethora of widgets that you can choose from. Naturally, what you choose really depends on a mix of personal preference and end goals. Here at PERQ, we offer a number of attention-grabbing widgets: combo boxes, scratch-offs, pull-tabs, poker chips, and genuine-looking car keys. North Dakota based dealership, the Minot Automotive Center, had some particularly great success with our MoneyPlay mailer; which consisted of a scratch-off and combo box to engage with consumers in their area. During the course of 3-day promotion, Minot Automotive saw a 5.088% response rate.


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