Stress Less, Achieve More

By: Lauren Spears

Event marketing genius, Lauren loves volleyball and creating meaningful engagement with our clients and prospects.

Our world is not the same one we knew a short time ago. We’re coping with working from home, becoming our kids’ teachers, economic pressures, job losses and countless other stressors brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Be kind to yourself and set yourself up to stress less and achieve more. 



Have a Routine 


The days of social distancing are running together with no commute or school for the kids to mark the days. The solution: make a schedule that everyone can get on board with and try to stick with it, as much as is possible. Don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t always work, and it’s sure not to work some days! This will free up some mental bandwidth and ease strain on the entire household.



Declutter Your Home or Workspace


Piles of clutter are mentally exhausting. Now is the time to get to work and clean your home or workspace. Cleaning your surroundings offers a sense of control in the face of uncertainty. 


If you have the time, reorganize and toss or donate the items you no longer use. Many charities are closed right now, so ready items for donation and put them in a designated space like the car trunk or garage if you can’t immediately take them out of the house.  



Maintain Community and Social Connection 


Don’t just text or email. Pick up the phone and call! FaceTime, Skype you name it. Hear a familiar voice, see their face. Social connection is key during this time.


Miss your friends or co-workers? Throw a virtual cocktail party on Zoom or another virtual meeting app. You may even set a dress code so everyone has a reason to get dressed up and put on makeup! Spend time talking about what you’ve been binging on Netflix (Tiger King!) and stay away from talk about the pandemic. The key is to relax and have fun. 



Just Breathe! 


Meditating or breathing can drastically reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Our team’s go-to apps are Calm and Headspace, but there are many good apps available. 


Practice mindfulness by taking a walk outside and really listening to and observing nature. Don’t feel like a walk? Just sit and look at the birds and plants. When you do, the coronavirus stress seems further away.