Car Dealership Advertising Ideas that Will Get You More Quality Leads

By: Felicia Savage

Sure, sales are up but so are your challenges for catching the attention of prospective car buyers. Last year, automakers sold 17.5 million new cars and light trucks in the United States — a record for a 15-year period. That’s great news for dealerships looking to boost their sales.


But other trends are making it more challenging for car salesmen to get the quality leads that could eventually translate into sales, so it’s time to think outside of the box with car dealership advertising ideas. You’re dealing with consumers who are hanging out on the internet for hours before purchasing their first or next vehicle. And many of them are not coming to your location to browse at the early stages of their search.


Your competition could be any car dealership with an online presence, not just the dealerships around the corner.


With $570 billion at stake (the amount spent on new vehicles last year) in addition to the billions spent on used cars, you need an arsenal of car dealership advertising ideas to make sure that you’re among the dealerships that are getting in front of potential buyers.


Here are 4 great car advertising ideas to get you started.

Add To The Excitement With Interactive Experiences

While it’s a big-ticket item, a vehicle is an exciting purchase for most buyers. Tap into that excitement by building engaging experiences on your website.


Tools from quizzes to trade-in appraisals allow your visitors to do more than simply turn over their name and contact information so you can have the privilege of calling them. With added incentives like discounts and prizes, you’re more likely to leave a positive impression.


Better yet, you’re more likely to get more insightful consumer data. Krista Gregg, Communications Manager at Four Seasons Ford in North Carolina, said PERQ’s solution naturally gave them those types of insights, which allowed them to better customize follow-up communications.


“The ability to see the consumer profile allows us to personalize everything we use to get the customer in the dealership; the phone call, voicemail and email can all be conducted according to their consumer profile,” Krista said. “The more leads we can get with this extra information on customers, the better.”

Giveaway Prizes

It’s unlikely incentives will ever become unpopular or antiquated. Any prize — whether it’s a $500 giveaway, a year of free oil changes or a discount — can be appealing to visitors to your site.


Include them as part of the interactive form experiences of your website. Test several to see which ones work best at helping you generate quality car sales leads.


Use The Power Of Social Media

Remember that excitement we mentioned earlier? Hopefully, you already have an active social media presence.


Expand upon it by allowing visitors to your site to easily share the results of a quiz or another interactive feature with their friends. You also can post photos of car buyers alongside their newly purchased vehicles.


Ask For A Customer Testimonial

What do you have to lose? If your sales reps think they have had a great relationship with a client, take it a step further. Ask if the new car buyer would give a testimonial about their experience.


And, if they’re open to it, take a photo to accompany their remarks. Testimonials and reviews can be powerful in helping you gain new car sales leads. Use them.