Car Dealer Software Reviews: Why Dealerships Are Choosing PERQ

By: Brooke Kovanda

There comes a time in every decision maker’s life when — after full research and collection of options — an evaluation of their options must be made. Such is the case for automotive dealerships when they are evaluating different vendors for technology solutions on their websites. Check out what car dealer software reviews have to say about PERQ.

CAR DEALER SOFTWARE REVIEWS: WHY DEALERSHIPS ARE CHOOSING PERQSure… everyone SEEMS to say that they will “solve your problems” by “driving more traffic,” “capturing more leads” and “connecting better with consumers” so they’ll “increase conversions”… but how do you really know a product works until you’ve tried it?


Nowadays, buyers have an ace in the hole: reviews. Checking out websites where other users have submitted car dealer software reviews is a powerful tool in a buyer’s toolbox.


Seeing that others were having the same problems as you were, and hearing about how their (your) problems were (could be) solved, provides a buyer with extremely valuable information when they are assessing their options.


So why are dealers choosing PERQ to increase their website conversion? Let’s take a separator multi tri | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Car Dealer Software Reviews Dealers Can Use


Reading through car dealer software reviews for PERQ on SaaS assessment websites like G2 Crowd and Capterra 800, many buyers make comments that leave us feeling warm and fuzzy — not just because of their praise, but because their comments are an affirmation that our product is doing what it is supposed to be doing: disrupting the auto software market with innovative interactive content.


An element of PERQ Web Engagement that reviewers seem to love is how it better prepares BOTH dealers and customers for Ups at the dealership. By the time consumers come into the store, PERQ’s online trade-in appraisal has given them an idea of how much their vehicle is worth, and multiple dealers cited this as a good way to prevent “sticker shock” when they come into the dealership.


Dealers say that because they are given better information ahead of time about the vehicle (that’s about to be traded-in), they are able to more adequately prepare themselves with more trade information that is helpful to the customer.


PERQ’s online guided shopping tool seeks to gives dealers a better idea of where consumers are in the buying process before they even come into the dealership. And judging by the reviews, we are doing just that. Dealers who are looking for a way to refine their sales process and target leads at different stages in the buying process can see that other dealers are using PERQ;s software to that as separator multi tri | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

A Leader In Leads Is Fun Indeed


PERQ announces loudly and proudly that “Lead Forms are Dead.” However, dealers want to stick with what they know, and what they know is lead forms. Now, many dealers might be leery of the validity of “interactive content” when it comes to gathering leads. How would dealers even begin to trust a product so far out of their comfort zone?


The answer is that PERQ’s interactive experiences are not only fun and easy for consumers, but for dealers to use as well. PERQ online guided shopping takes the simplicity of lead forms and adds the ability to be totally customizable for dealers. The interactive experience is fun for consumers to engage with, and a dealer is also able to get a complete set of data that asks the specific questions they need it to.


PERQ Web Engagement is not a form for consumers, and not a form for dealers either — that’s what makes it so special. Dealers can create experiences that target what truly matters to them in terms of qualifying a lead. Consumers are then incentivized to complete experiences because they know they’ll be rewarded to do so.


In our product reviews, people raved about how friendly and accommodating our team was, and how willing they were to ensure the PERQ software was working properly. Dealers are choosing PERQ because of our implementation team. We don’t just give you the software and leave you to it. We stick with you through the process of implementing PERQ’s software onto your site, and make sure you are using the software to its fullest extent.


All of these factors combined show why PERQ Web Engagement is being praised in its product reviews, and contribute to why dealerships are choosing PERQ to increase their website conversions.

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