Canadian Dealership Rates PERQ Best Conversion Software

By: Kristy Esch

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With PERQ, Harris Mazda has seen some good results overall in just the first couple of months.





Harris Mazda uses PERQ to Guide Online Visitors


The team at Harris Mazda likes being on the cutting edge, whether it’s using PERQ, the online guided solution to help consumers online find the best car or working on a non-commission base sales strategy to focus on providing the best customer service. Taking chances has proven to be successful for the dealership based in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.


“Other dealers are intrigued,” says General Manager Doug Culham. “We get calls from dealers all across Canada to want to know how we’re doing what we do.”


Finding the perfect vehicle for each person means helping the consumer shop the way they want to. “We don’t take customers down a linear path,” Culham says. “They get to pick where they want to start in the buying process. If they just want numbers on a trade, then we’ll start there and work everything backwards.” It’s all about being flexible, he adds, because car shoppers are put off when the sales process doesn’t go the way they want.


The same rings true with the customer experience online, and one of the reasons Harris Mazda decided to implement the PERQ’s Online Guided Shopping Solution on their site. PERQ’s interactive experiences help to guide a shopper through the buying process, whether it’s a trade value; special offer incentives; learn more about a vehicle of interest, such as checking offers, getting price updates, confirming availability or making an offer; scheduling a test drive; and more.


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Online Guided Shopping Personalizes

the Car Shopping Experience

Interactive questions throughout the experiences, such as “How can we earn your business” to “How do you prefer to be contacted,” and “How do you prefer to pay” all help the dealership capture valuable consumer information, too, and personalizes the experience based on how a car shopper answers, never asking for the same information twice.


“The calls to action PERQ provides are a more pinpointed experience and leads the customer to the next question,” Culham says. “It’s a connected experience and follows the shopper right through the process. Makes it easier for the shopper and helps them get a little further down the buying process every time they visit the site.”


Culham says he really likes the consumer profile information on the leads from PERQ, too. “We know if a customer has gone through an interactive experience, how they answered… and we go through and see how they interacted with our site. We have everything they were looking at online and it makes our sales process a lot easier.”


When a customer goes through the interactive experiences and says they’re ready to buy, Culham says their team contacts them right away and it’s been successful with closing a deal. “Sometimes the customer says they can be here in 20 minutes. The calls to action with PERQ are way more effective.”

Harris Mazda Pleased with Results from PERQ

With PERQ, Harris Mazda has seen some good results overall in just the first couple of months.

29 Unique Leads

9 Sold Vehicles

31% Conversion Rate

Almost an 11% Unique Click to Lead Conversion


“The quality of leads are much better from PERQ,” Culham says. “The people are more qualified buyers and we’re having a higher success rate on converting the leads to sales. PERQ is the best conversion tool I’ve seen.”


And although PERQ is based out of the U.S., Culham and Tony Harris, the owner of Harris Mazda, say there hasn’t been any hiccups. “When we integrate with a vendor from another country, it doesn’t go well and there’s always issues with the conversion and integration,” Harris says. “I’m happy to say with PERQ, we haven’t had any issue.”


Culham says he they would recommend PERQ to other dealers in Canada, but jokingly adds just not in his area of Nanaimo, BC. “I don’t want my competitors to have the same edge. I don’t like sharing my secrets.”

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