Best Value, Good Sleep Matter Most to Mattress Buyers

By: Felicia Savage

Like most mattress buyers, getting a good night’s sleep is important to 53-year-old Dede Davis. When she feels sleep-deprived, Davis says she tends to overeat, lacks energy and stumbles through the day in a brain fog.


When she bought her queen-size mattress, Davis says she knew the type of mattress she wanted and shopped around for the best price. “I wanted a memory foam, because my sister had one and I had used her bed at one time. I just loved it,” Davis says. “I wanted something at least mid-level, if not a little bit higher, because I think good mattresses are worth the investment.” An analysis of more than 500 shoppers who recently engaged with PERQ’s mattress assessments across their client websites found 76% of shoppers preferred getting a good price with the best value, versus only about 18% who wanted the cheapest option. The analysis also found nearly 60% of online mattress consumers aren’t ready to buy now, but are merely gathering research to find the best value.


How Much a Mattress Costs Matters, But How Does It Feel?


While getting a good price with the best value was most important to Davis, she also needed to know the mattress felt good while sleeping so she visited a few home furnishings stores to test them out.


“I guess we’re all tactile people, but I just can’t imagine buying a mattress online without knowing how it would feel underneath me,” Davis says. “You’re stuck with it for 10 years or more.”


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Unlike Davis, 50-year-old Andrew Hamaker didn’t test out any mattresses and conducted most of his research online. “I didn’t go and lay on the mattress, and say this is the one I want. I had narrowed it down to a specific brand, a specific model,” says Hamaker, who bought a Sealy Posturepedic California king bed from Kittles.


“I am happy with it,” he adds. As a certified public accountant who runs his own business, Hamaker is always interested in getting the best value but he’s also willing to pay more for a better mattress. “Most people get on it and think it’s too hard. It’s not a soft, cushy bed, but it’s better for my back.” Before buying his next mattress, Hamaker expects today’s home furnishings websites with advanced AI technology will save him time by narrowing down his preferred style.


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A recently purchased new mattress felt great to 32-year-old Ashley Paris, but not so much for her husband. After agreeing to a 14-day home trial of a king-size Restonic Biltmore mattress, Paris had to exchange it. “We tried it and after two days, my husband couldn’t move his head. I loved it. It was too soft for him, but perfect for me,” Paris says.


While it took several trips to the mattress store to find the best fit for the newlywed couple, Paris says it was worth the hassle to find the right mattress even though the replacement cost less and the store owner gifted them a mattress protector to make up the difference in price.


Every shopper ultimately takes their own journey to buy the perfect mattress, but most start by conducting research online. Use your website to help them simplify the process by matching their preferences with the best options, and soon they’ll trust you to schedule an in-store consultation.  


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