Automotive Lead Management: Using PERQ’s Software to Fill Your CRM

By: Brooke Kovanda

There’s very little denying how awesome PERQ’s online guided shopping tool is and how it can help your dealership. In fact, One of PERQ’s biggest “claims to fame,” is providing dealerships with the ability to build a strong consumer database within their existing CRM. And believe us when we say that a strong database and automotive lead management is crucial to the success of your overall sales process.


Now, depending on the information consumers provide, you can use their shopping preferences to your advantage. Having this knowledge in hand and finding a strategy for automotive lead management, your salesmen can provide a more personalized customer experience in the showroom.


Asking The Right Questions

In order to obtain information from your consumers, you obviously need to ask for it. Prior to a consumer receiving their incentive or going through the “fun part” of the experience (Ex: Spin-to-Win game, Assessment, etc.), you have the opportunity to ask your buyers about anything — and we do mean anything.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_column_text]To really make the most out of PERQ’s online guided shopping tools, your best bet is to ask questions that would allow your salespeople to better assist their consumers in the showroom. Some great questions to ask would be: “What type of vehicle are you interested?” “Have you purchased with us before?” or “How soon would you be ready to buy?”


Your dealers will have a pretty solid understanding of what prospective customers want before they even step foot into the dealership. Not only does skipping all those questions (during the in-store meeting) save lots of time, but many consumers will appreciate that you took the time to learn more about their needs before jumping and shoving aggressive deals and offers in their faces.


One other cool feature that PERQ’s software possesses is “smart pathing,” in which certain CTAs, offers and landing pages will populate based on the answers that a consumer provides.


For example: If a consumer says they’re in the market to “buy now” during a trade appraisal experience, they can receive their trade-in offer and be provided with the opportunity to “take a test drive.” So outside of being able to cater to your consumers in-store, our technology can adapt to consumer behavior on your dealership’s separator multi tri | PERQ AI Leasing Assistant

Provide Enjoyable Experiences & Relevant Offers

On top of asking relevant questions, you need to provide dealership consumers with enjoyable experiences and relevant offers.


Consumers aren’t typically willing to relinquish their personal information and shopping preferences unless they’re provided with something in return.


PERQ uses various types of interactive content in order to provide experiences to consumers. One common experience we use is our “Spin-to-Win” game; in which a consumer enters for a chance to win a prize by spinning a digital wheel ala “Wheel of Fourtune.” Quizzes that test your knowledge of a particular topic are also popular — especially when quiz-takers get a score and are able to share it via social channels. The excitement that comes with “the chance to win” or “the chance to show-off” further incentivizes consumers to provide their information.


“The excitement that comes with “the chance to win” or “the chance to show-off” further incentivizes consumers to provide their information.”


In addition to actual experiences, useful and relevant offers have also proven to convince consumers to provide their info. One of our most popular experiences is “Trade Appraisal Plus,” or our trade-in experience. Here, consumers provide information about their vehicle (which eventually gets sent to your CRM), and are provided with a trade-in value for their vehicle.


Additionally, car buyers (in some experiences) can inquire about further incentives (like a trade-in offer); and that further incentivizes them to provide their information to your dealership.