Auto Group Sees 28% Lift in Lead to Sale with PERQ

By: Kristy Esch

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Year Over Year Group Results After Adding PERQ



Auto Group Rolls Out PERQ to All Dealerships

When Ray Skillman Auto Group added the PERQ auto dealership software solution to one of their dealership websites in December 2015, it didn’t take long for them to roll out the product on their other dealership websites. Today, the dealership group, which has 12 brands at 17 locations across central Indiana, uses PERQ on all of its websites.


Jake Laue, Director of Digital Marketing at Ray Skillman, says they tested PERQ out on one site and saw value almost immediately. “Within three months, we rolled it across all of our other dealerships,” Laue says, adding they were using three or four different types of tools across their websites from third-party brands prior to implementing the PERQ solution. “When we first started using PERQ and using our own branding, we saw our leads go up two to three times. Once we saw the data from one store, it was easy to get the GMs behind it and roll it out to the other stores.”


Laue says the group has spent much more focus in the past few years on digital marketing and driving higher quality traffic to their website. However, they’ve also faced the challenge of figuring out how to get more leads, as well as higher quality leads from their existing website traffic. “PERQ has helped with that,” Laue says.” We’ve had a 28% increase in lead to sale conversion with PERQ, compared to 5% with third-party leads.”


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Ray Skillman Increases Online Engagement with PERQ


Having been in central Indiana for more than 30 years, the family-owned business takes pride in taking care of their customers, and PERQ’s online guided shopping solution has helped them with that. Ray Skillman Auto Group uses PERQ’s interactive experiences that make researching a vehicle online easy for their dealerships’ website visitors.


Whether it’s getting a trade value, taking an assessment to determine their preferred vehicle, scheduling a test drive, receiving incentives or finding out more about their vehicle of interest, Laue says PERQ’s technology serves up the next best steps to guide visitors in their shopping process right on their websites.


“We’re engaging the consumers on our websites more and it’s a better experience. Before, our calls to action would have asked mainly for contact information; but with the PERQ experiences, we’re getting a lot more data, like how a customer prefers to be contacted, where they’re at in the buying process, when they plan to buy, their trade value and more,” Laue says. “All of that information is used by our sales teams to better assist them in finding a vehicle.”


As a plus, Jake says the Calls to Action from PERQ look great on their website, and he likes how they change up for each visitor depending on how they’ve interacted with their websites. “When we first heard about smart CTAs, it just made sense,” Laue says. “If the customer gives us information from one CTA, we serve up a new one like ‘Value Your Trade’ or ‘Schedule a Test Drive.’ It has worked great for us.”


Ray Skillman Auto Group Happy with Results from PERQ


The results speak for themselves, Laue says. “We’ve seen a 55% increase in leads generated using PERQ’s software on our websites across our group year over year. And we’ve seen a 48% increase in website visitors becoming leads.”


With the increase in PERQ leads, Laue says they’ve had to do a little bit of training with their staff to show them how to use the extra data they’ve received about each visitor. That training has paid off, helping to sell more vehicles overall. Ray Skillman Auto Group saw a 30.5% increase in units sold from their website leads year over year with PERQ.


“Adding PERQ to our website has had the single biggest impact than anything else we’ve ever added to our website from another vendor,” Laue says. “Working with PERQ has been great. As dealers, we’re always looking to generate more leads. We think we need to get more traffic to our website. With PERQ, you can get a higher percentage of leads from the traffic you already have.”


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“Once we saw the data from one store [using PERQ], it was easy to get the GMs behind it and roll it out to the other stores.”

Jake Laue, Director of Digital Marketing