Auto Dealers Win with PERQ Using Kelley Blue Book Data

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PERQ Deal Arrangement Trade Experience Results



PERQ Adds Kelley Blue Book® Values


PERQ has added Kelley Blue Book, one of the most trusted names in the auto industry, to its list of data providers to help consumers value their vehicle in their interactive trade-in experience used on dealership websites.


Auto dealers have used Kelley Blue Book as a trusted source on their dealership websites to help consumers value their trade-in vehicle during the car buying process since the early 2000s. More than 300 dealerships also use PERQ Web Engagement software to personalize the online experience for consumers and steer them through the car buying funnel with ease.


“It was a no-brainer to include Kelley Blue Book and use their valuable trade-in data within our software,” says Russ Chandler, product marketing manager at PERQ. “We’re giving dealerships who already use Kelley Blue Book data to value trades, the powerful opportunity to combine it with our interactive experiences that engages online visitors and turns leads into car sales.”


“We’re excited to work with PERQ and further extend our market-reflective Blue Book Values, which offer benefits for both dealers and consumers,” said Damon Bennett, senior director of syndication for Kelley Blue Book. “Given that determining whether pricing is fair is among the biggest pain points when transacting, Kelley Blue Book is providing consumers with the confidence on how much to expect for their car.”


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How PERQ Works with Kelley Blue Book Data


With PERQ Web Engagement, a consumer can value their vehicle online and start with a real quote based off of Kelley Blue Book data on a dealership’s website.


Within the interactive trade experience in the Deal Arrangement package, consumers enter their contact information, vehicle details and zip code.


Consumers then answer a few consumer profile questions in PERQ’s interactive experiences, like how they prefer to be contacted, the type of replacement vehicle they’re interested in and how soon they’re ready to buy before receiving an estimated vehicle value based off of Kelley Blue Book data.


The data provides consumers a low and high range estimate before they receive a special offer, which helps to get the online visitor into the dealership showroom.


Expected Lead and Sales Results


Within 60 days, a California dealership using Kelley Blue Book on their site saw 56 leads and sold 4 cars, with a 7.14% lead to sale conversion rate. By adding the PERQ Deal Arrangement software with trade-in values, that same dealership saw 207 leads and 20 sales with a 9.67% lead-to-sale conversion rate.


“By combining the Kelley Blue Book data to the interactive PERQ Web Engagement solution, a typical dealership can expect to see as much as three times the leads,  five times the sales and a 9.2% higher average gross profit per unit sold from just the trade portion of the solution,” Chandler says.


Prior to using PERQ Web Engagement software, one of PERQ’s dealership clients was averaging about 28 leads and 2 cars sold per month with static lead forms that captured trade-in information from Kelley Blue Book. By adding the PERQ trade interactive experience, that client saw an increase in leads averaging a little over 103 per month with 10 sales per month.


“That dealership went from $6,096 in gross profit from their leads to $34,987 from just the trade leads using the PERQ Web Engagement solution,” Chandler says. “We’re really excited to see what working with Kelley Blue Book can do to help auto dealers personalize the experience for the consumer and turn those website visitors into showroom sales.”


Besides the newest addition with Kelley Blue Book, PERQ also partners with NADA for trade-in data, giving dealerships options for how they prefer to value trades.


For more details or to schedule a demo, visit the PERQ auto dealer software website.


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“We’re really excited to see what this integration of Kelley Blue Book data can do to help auto dealers personalize the experience for the consumer and turn those website visitors into showroom sales.”