Auto Dealer Marketing Services: 5 Great Ways Auto Dealers Can Drive More Sales

By: Felicia Savage

If we had written this blog 5 to 10 years ago — when many of us had no idea what a blog was, our advice on the top ways to drive sales would be different. Much more different. It may have been something like this: 1) Greet them with a warm smile. 2) Overcome their objections! 3) Try to get them to take a test drive.


Well, you get the picture. It would be all about how to be a better salesperson.


While your sales reps are still key, times have changed. It’s all about auto dealer marketing services that start long before anyone sets foot on your lot. You must focus on the digital space to drive more sales in 2017 and beyond.


With that in mind, take a look at 5 great ways you can drive more sales using digital marketing services.


1. Use social Media.

You absolutely should have a strong presence on social media. Someone just bought a car from you? Make it a small celebration. Encourage them to take a selfie with their new car and use your dealership’s personalized hashtag. You just got yourself an audience without spending a lot of dollars.


Of course, you also should ask for permission to post their selfie on your social media platforms and devote some advertising revenue to promoting deals on social media. According to 2016 statistics, about 1.6 million users are active on Facebook alone.


2. Beef up your website.

Take a look around. What makes your website more exciting than your competitors? Not a whole lot? Things change quickly.


Always stay a step ahead by enticing visitors to your website to stick around. This requires creating engagements that allow consumers to engage with your website. Whether someone is “just looking around” or ready to purchase, they should feel that you’re providing them the answers they’re looking for on your dealership’s website. And you’re making it enjoyable in the process.


Review your processes for trade-in appraisals, reviewing inventory, and financing options. Are you making it easy for a visitor to quickly make a decision or get information? Invest in software that streamlines the process. You may not need a redesign … just an integration that allows you to deliver a better experience.


3. Make it entertaining.

Whether a person is hunting for a new sports car or a used minivan, it’s an exciting time. They’re getting a newer set of wheels! Tap into that excitement by making their visit to your site engaging. You can do this by leveraging video and interactive experiences and quizzes. According to Unbounce, including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%.


Not only do these provide entertainment, they’re functional for you — allowing you to gather the data you need to make the customer’s ongoing interactions with you more customized. After all, why would you try to sell someone on a 2017 vehicle if they’re looking for an older model? Don’t waste their time — or yours.


4. An effective CRM.

Do you have a customer relationship management system that’s working for you? Is your sales team able to easily determine which prospects are ready to buy right now? If not, it may be time for an upgrade or an integration that gives you those insights. A CRM is critical for any auto dealership — but only if it’s effective.


5. A mobile experience.

It can’t be said enough. Even serious businesses realize that buying a car is happening on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This means that every aspect of the auto dealer marketing services you leverage should keep in mind the needs of those who are searching using their mobile devices.


Everything from research to financing should be optimized to the mobile buyer. Don’t frustrate them. They’ll head to the next dealer who keeps their needs in mind.