* Arizona Man Wins Largest Prize Ever in PERQ FATWIN Sweepstakes

By: Kate Shepherd

The largest prize ever to be awarded in the FATWIN sweepstakes sponsored by PERQ and Larry H. Miller Dealerships has been claimed by 52-year-old Michael Bozner of Glendale, Arizona.  


Bozner was presented with a ceremonial $100,000 check at the Larry H. Miller Toyota Peoria dealership in a ceremony on January 22. The actual cash prize will be paid out in five yearly installments of $20,000 each.  


Family Visits Dealership and wins PERQ FATWIN Sweepstakes


Bozner says his 13-year-old son was going through the mail, found a flyer for the FATWIN Black Friday giveaway event and convinced him to go down to the Larry H. Miller Toyota Peoria dealership to see if they were a winner.


Bozner was skeptical and told his son it couldn’t be that easy to win.


“He was pretty persistent so that he could have something to drive,” Bozner laughed. “We went down and the salesman asked me some questions. Then I tried my luck, hit the screen with my number and the salesman looked at me and said ‘Oh my God! You just won $100,000!’ My boys were bouncing around. I have to give my son credit for going through my mail!”


It was incredibly exciting to see Mr. Bozner win a $100,000 grand prize during our Black Friday weekend event. His excitement was contagious, and was felt by the salesperson assisting him, other customers in the showroom, and the entire team at the dealership,” said Jay Carley, general manager, Larry H. Miller Toyota Peoria. “We hope this prize enriches Michael and his family’s lives.”


FATWIN, a technology product of PERQ, has been used to give away millions in prizes through online games and register-to-win promotions. 


This is the largest prize ever won through the FATWIN promotions. 


“We’ve had some $25,000 prizes given away, countless TVs, wireless earbuds and other valuable prizes,” says PERQ Senior Account Manager Ashley Beck Cuellar. “But, nothing compares to the excitement of finding out we had a $100,000 winner! We’ve been so excited to work with Mr. Bozner to get him his winnings and assure him it really was that easy.”


Plans for the FATWIN Winnings


Bozner has owned his own auto repair shop for more than 20 years and has an affinity for cars. He’s already bought a new drag racing vehicle with the money, paid off some credit cards and his wife is planning to remodel the bathroom. 


But, don’t worry.  He didn’t forget the son who asked him to take the flyer to the dealership in the first place or his other nine-year-old.  Both boys got some cash to spend in any way they want or to save. 


Bozner says he may not be so cynical in the future. “I’m happy and I’ll look at things a little differently,” he says. “I did think maybe I was on a lucky streak and bought some lottery tickets. That didn’t work out as well!”


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