3 Tweaks to Your Marketing Strategy to Put Customers First

By: Felicia Savage

If you want to attract new customers, it takes a whole lot more than having nice, new cars on your lot. Chances are, you’re right near a competing dealership. Well, that’s just fine because I want to share with you three marketing strategy tweaks that will get those customers to your lot, putting you ahead of your competitors.

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1. Give Them Something

marketing strategy - image 1Before every action, there comes a stimulant. In this world, we’re stimulated by reasons to act. Consumers must be given a reason to purchase something, and that’s where proper incentives come into play when marketing to your customers. Give them something that they want, and they’ll give you something in return.

This means offering special prices or deals, chances to “spin the wheel,” and more. If you can give potential customers a chance at winning a huge prize, you’re going to see a lot more of them at your dealership.

This motivates customers to come in and talk with you. It gives them the opportunity to walk away with more than what they came in with. This does two things: it gives customers incentive and gives you more customers.


2. Talk to Customers the Way They Want to Be Talked To

There’s no gimmick in this one. Just speak plainly. There’s no point in starting a conversation about punk rock with someone wearing a Beethoven t-shirt because they probably won’t be interested. You should already know your key demographic, so now it’s time to understand how they like to be spoken to.


If they tweet at you, tweet back. If they send an email, email them back. If you stay within the boundaries they set up, you’re more likely to create a comfortable relationship right off the bat.

“If you stay within the boundaries they set up, you’re more likely to create a comfortable relationship right off the bat.”

Be conscious about timing, too. You don’t want to respond to a potential customer three months after they’ve reached out to you. If that’s the case, chances are they’ve already given up on you.


3. Make Them Feel Special

In every possible occasion, make your customers feel special. Personalizing every aspect of your communication will make them feel like an individual, and they’ll know you’re taking extra steps to give them direct attention. This means addressing them personally, knowing what they like and don’t like.


marketing strategy - image 2You can host customer loyalty deals or events and set up an invite-only welcoming area that creates an individual experience for them. These touches makes them feel special, but it also increases your rapport with them, and that’s the most important thing for retaining customers.


If they’ve scheduled a visit to your dealership, you should assign a sales rep and prepare them with information about that customer. That way, they know everything about the customer before they even get to the lot.


If you’re using PERQ Web Engagement, you can see all of your customers’ details and credit situation, which will speed up the whole process.


You can even have a board welcoming them personally to your dealership. Put them into your CRM and keep in touch because, in the end, it’s all about showing them that you care about them personally.

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