Our data-driven advertising services help maximize exposure and drive traffic to your campaign, and when combined with FATWIN, create the ultimate multi-channel consumer experience.

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Targeted Display

Targeted Display

Hyper-Target in your Market

With 75% of Americans on social networking sites, we know that social media advertising drives serious consumer engagement for brands. Our Targeted Display advertising service is another way to generate meaningful engagement with a hyper-targeted audience that is either in the market to make a purchase or fits your demographic profile.

  • Geographic Targeting
  • In-Market Purchase Intent
  • Psychographic Profiling


average cost per highly qualified lead


higher ad performance than the average Facebook ad


average conversion rate from clicks to registrants

Direct Mail

Direct Mail

It's All Trackable.

With over 15 years' experience, we've mastered the science of direct mail advertising. Our FATWIN technology is integrated into every piece of mail through personalized URLs and text-to-enter options, allowing us to track and measure the success of your direct mail campaign while giving consumers an engaging winning experience.

  • Saturation & Database Mail Campaigns Available
  • Multiple Dimensional Mail Options
  • No Risk Guarantee
  • Real-time Mail Tracking to the Household
  • Proven In-market Testing of All Products


pieces mailed


average ROI


of mail in-homes within 3 days

Design Package

Design Package

Stay Consistent & Cohesive

Design is a balance of both science and art. Our experienced creative team is skilled in all aspects of design, having built over 10,000 multi-channel advertisements that leverage our FATWIN technology while creating a consistent brand experience for consumers, regardless of channel. We'll provide you with cohesive creative for your website, social pages, print ads, and digital ads - all reflecting your branded consumer experience.

  • Track Performance of Specific Channels
  • More Visibility to Your Brand with Cohesive Messaging and Creative Across Channels
  • Text-to-enter Engagement Options Available

Printing Services

Printing Services

Low Cost, Quick Turn-time.

For those in the publication industry, we offer 15 years' experience bringing innovative print revenue solutions to over 2,000 publications and their clients. From inserts and flyers that fit perfectly into newspapers to direct mail campaigns, PERQ is a one-stop shop for any of your printing needs.

  • National Network of Print Locations
  • Creative & Proven Campaigns
  • Register-to-Win Technology Integration


consumer direct ads produced


jobs implemented for clients


in revenue generated for clients

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