4 Lessons Your Company Can Learn From #PERQparty

By: Felicia Savage

As many of you know, we were very excited to officially launch the PERQ brand to the Indianapolis marketing technology community last week. We sold over 500 tickets and played host to some of the best and brightest the Circle City has to offer, including our friends at Verge and Techpoint who co-opted the event.

We heard from Mike Langellier about his experience launching a company from the Verge stage. We also heard a FATWIN pitch and heard a brief rundown of the PERQ story, but the highlight was the fireside chat. The fireside chat was between PERQ’s co-founders, Scott Hill and Andy Medley, and Verge Executive Director, Alec Synnesvedt, and Verge Founder, Matt Hunckler.

This fireside brought many laughs and lessons alike. Here are just a few insights from this conversation between four noteworthy entrepreneurs:

Business is a Game, Show The Score

The foundation on which Scott Hill and Andy Medley built PERQ is this simple, albeit sometimes controversial idea. If you play business like a game and show the score, the outcome will be a greater chance to win. Just a few sound bites that were tweeted:

Starting a Business is Not for the Faint of Heart

This event was put on in conjunction with Verge. At over 2,000 members, this meetup is one of the largest meetups of entrepreneurs in the midwest. They all know how hard it can be to start their own company, but Scott, Andy, and Mike were all able to very vividly capture the struggles they faced early.

Choosing a Business Partner is Like Choosing a Spouse

This is the hardest decision many entrepreneurs have to make. According to Scott, however, you should look at it like a marriage.

“If someone told you they were getting married because their fiance had a ton of money or connections, you’d think the marriage was in trouble, but people choose business partners this way every single day.” As you listen to Scott and Andy discuss their professional relationship, the analogy seems very clear.

But If You Care, So Will Your Employees

One thing that makes the PERQ office stand out, outside of the bar and the wall murals, is the genuine care of the employees. This comes from the top-down, however, and Scott and Andy have built something that gives their employees reason to care since the beginning.


This is just a small excerpt from what was truly an insightful evening. For those of you in attendance, what stood out to you about the building, fireside, or pitches? What lasting memories or lessons did you learn from the event?