5 Dealership Software Features that Help Get Buyers through your Doors

By: Russ Chandler

The auto dealerships using dealership software that can get more potential car buyers through their doors ultimately get the prize. You know this.


But the major part of the sales game has shifted from the showroom to your website. That’s where you need to make your major plays — and great first impressions. With new car buyers spending an average of 14 hours researching online before they buy a car — and only visiting less than two dealerships as part of the process, it’s essential to ramp up your website to gain a competitive advantage.


dealership software | car buyers researching

The key is making sure your website is engaging enough to make visitors want to stick around. We rounded up different types of interactive dealership software solutions and features that can help you take your website to another level.


Take a look at these 5 ways to make your website come alive:




Since it’s unlikely that your sales team will have the opportunity to greet people personally when they first start looking around, let your website do the job.


Pop-up chat features bring the human factor to your website. With them, you can have “Susan” or “John” offer to answer any questions the visitor may have.

dealership software | quiz




Another way to engage website visitors is to provide them an entertaining way to interact with your website.



“You’ll be able to gather data insights about the customers behavior that help you provide an automated experience tailored to their needs.”

This could be in the form of a quiz that invites them to explore the qualities in a vehicle that are most important to them — a great way to connect with first-time visitors.


In addition, you’ll be able to gather data insights about the customers behavior that help you provide an automated experience tailored to their needs.


Trade-in appraisals.

Most car buyers — as many as two-thirds according to KBB — are interested in trading their old vehicle when upgrading to a newer vehicle. Give them what they want; an easy way to determine how much they can get on their trade-in.



Again, this is an incredible way to set the foundation for a nurturing campaign that will help you interact more intimately with potential buyers.


Calculators.dealership software | calculator


With everything they purchase, consumers want to know just how much a major purchase will set them back month to month.


A calculator that does the work for them will be considered highly valuable.



Appointment scheduling.


Look more professional with appointment scheduling; it allows visitors to your site to easily take the next step in the buying process.


Automotive dealership scheduling software not only makes it convenient for visitors, it allows you to spend more time on marketing, sales, and other aspects of your business.




While it’s not a dealership software solution, we’re throwing in videos as another feature you should consider. Here’s why. People are engaging with video at an accelerating rate. One study showed that the medium saw a 43 percent growth rate in 2014.


Incorporate videos into your website — whether it’s a video of a new vehicle provided by the manufacturer or your team providing insights on financing or the company’s history and philosophy.


By integrating these aspects into your automobile dealer website, you’re equipping it to be a major player in your sales process.

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