FATWIN Web Engagement for Automotive

Convert up to 200% more of your current web traffic. Empower it to act like your best salesperson, instead of an online brochure.


As much as 200% increase in leads


the consumer data collected than average lead


Leads generated through FATWIN


in special offers redeemed

Top Benefits

Higher Conversion

Use your website like your best salesperson instead of an online brochure. Attract and capture more leads through interactive experiences.

Better Quality

Know more about your prospects by capturing accurate consumer profiles that help your team strike meaningful conversations with prospects.

Personalized Experiences

Create experiences tailored to each consumer, resulting in more time spent on your website and a more deeply engaged consumer.

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What We Do

Many brands don’t realize the mass amount of leads they are leaving untouched through their websites. FATWIN Web Engagement helps engage those consumers through personalized experiences and collect actionable data while increasing your web conversion.

Interactive Experiences

Engage your website visitors through consumer-centric experiences that help increase your web conversion. Tailored to your type of consumer, each experience optimizes consumer interaction, leaving your brand top of mind.

Real-Time Data

Receive consumer profiles and campaign data in real-time, so that you can use it right then to help move a consumer down the purchase path.

Website Personalization

Based on a visitor’s on-site behavior, show the right offer or experience to the right consumer at the right time. A new visitor experience can be different than a returning visitor!

Consumer Profiles

Capture accurate consumer profiles that highlight website behavior, purchase intent, buying timeframe and more. Use this data to help move the consumer through the buying journey.

Brands use interactive experiences to generate excitement, create conversation, provide shopping assistance and educate consumers – all leading to higher web conversion.

Types of Interactive Experiences:



Instant Win



Appointment Scheduler

Special Offer

No Website Overhaul

FATWIN Web Engagement requires no website overhaul. Our technology overlays on your site, providing easy implementation and flexibility to change experiences without downtime.

  • No Website Overhaul
  • Easy and Fast Implementation
  • Easily Update Experiences

We’ve Got You Covered.

We offer multiple features and functions that take care of all your website conversion needs – you won’t have to go anywhere else.

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  • Website Implementation
  • Real-time Data Feed
  • Lead Filtering
  • Experience Library
  • Art & Design Support
  • Simplified Reporting

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