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FATWIN Web Engagement Helps Close Car Sales

“FATWIN gives us more information to meet the customer’s needs better."

–Josh Bagley, eCommerce Director

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FATWIN Software Personalizes Dealership Website

At Walt’s Live Oak Ford, creating a personalized experience and focusing on quality customer service has been the focus for the past 60 years. For a little over a year, eCommerce director Josh Bagley says they’ve been trying to provide that same personalized customer experience online to compete with other dealerships. His solution: FATWIN Web Engagement software from PERQ.


Bagley reached out to request a demo of the FATWIN Deal Arrangement product at the end of 2016 after hearing about PERQ, knowing it could help him personalize the dealership's website and attract out-of-town visitors to his lot.


With the family-owned Ford dealership being located in rural Live Oak, Florida, Bagley says he’s creating an internet experience to entice visitors from other cities. “In a rural area, car buyers can get a better deal because there’s less overhead. We keep the overhead low to pass the savings on to the customer.”


At the same time, Bagley also wants to continue to make the car buying process easy for his returning customers to the dealership, which averages about 65 new and 56 used vehicles on the lot. “We retain about 80 percent of our customers,” he says.

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FATWIN Provides Quality Consumer Profile Data

Once Bagley saw PERQ's FATWIN Web Engagement software solution that offered an interactive experience for trade appraisal, vehicle of interest, scheduling a test drive and incentives, he quickly became interested in trying it out.


“We normally do a month trial with new software to see what results we get before we make a final decision on what to keep. We kept FATWIN because it increased our closing rates. It went up 2 to 3 percent.”


After four months, the dealership added the FATWIN Assessments software package to its VDP and SRP pages to help the online visitor make buying decisions. The interactive web engagement Assessments software asks visitors questions to help them narrow their shopping preferences, such as the vehicle body style, the model and whether they should lease or finance.


Bagley says both the FATWIN Deal Arrangement and Assessments software educates the sales team with better quality lead data about the visitors on his site to help close sales.


“FATWIN gives us more information to meet the customer’s needs better,” he says. “Instead of just having a lead, we know what they’re looking for, what part of the buying process they’re in and how they want to be contacted, for example.”


Because the interactive experiences also give website visitors the option to be included in a $25,000 FATWIN Sweepstakes, Bagley says customers are more likely to provide their correct contact information when they become a lead, which cuts down on false lead data.

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FATWIN Auto Dealer Software Increases Dealer Leads, Sales

After adding FATWIN, Walt’s Live Oak Ford saw .74% lift in unique website visitor to lead conversion. In the first 4 months using FATWIN Web Engagement, Walt’s Live Oak Ford averaged 98 overall leads per month, with a visitor to lead conversion of 3.8%. They typically average about 12 vehicles sold from those leads, with a conversion rate of leads to cars sold at about 12% per month.


In his experience, Bagley says the team at PERQ has always been easy to work with and are responsive. It’s one of the reasons he’d recommend them, he says. “This isn’t a cookie cutter product. They’re willing to adapt it and make FATWIN work for your needs. The ease of installation is nice, too. I didn’t have to redo our site to use it – it’s plug and play.”

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"This isn’t a cookie cutter product. PERQ is willing to adapt FATWIN and make it work for your needs."

Josh Bagley, eCommerce Director

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