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FATWIN Technology
FATWIN Technology

FATWIN Web Engagement is a premium automotive website solution that uses interactive lead capture technology to drive conversion.


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Top Dealer Benefits

More Leads

  • Increase website visitor to lead conversion
  • High volume lead filtering and configuration
  • Website conversion rates as high as 8%

Higher Quality

  • Significantly increase lead to sale conversion
  • 5x the customer data than average website lead
  • More leads with accurate customer data

Branded Experience

  • Customizable consumer experience
  • No 3rd party brand guidelines or restrictions
  • Personalized to each individual website visitor

Interactive Consumer Journey


Convert more digital tire-kickers into real, in-market online shoppers using interactive promotions to engage website visitors.


Help consumers make decisions and form positive opinions about your dealership with assessments, while searching inventory on your website.


Convert more of your existing website traffic into showroom traffic and sales by interacting with your consumers online deal arrangement.

Traditional Lead Generation

Premium Lead Generation

Interactive Lead Capture

Leads and Reporting

Actionable Consumer Data

Consistently align sales and marketing to effectively respond and convert high volume lead traffic into high volume sales

  • 5x the customer data than average auto leads
  • Lead filtering and delivery configuration
  • Leads that include website behavioral and lead source information

Choose a package from the left

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  • Promotion

  • Smart CTA’s
  • Dynamic Pathing
  • CRM Push and Reporting
  • Typical Dealer Results:
    • 28% Increase in Click-Through Rate
    • 54% Click to Completion Rate
    • 15% Drop in Bounce Rate
  • $799/mo* or $999/mo**
  • *With 12 month agreement plus setup fee. **Wtih 90 day cancellation notice plus setup fee. Set up fees equal 1 month of software fees.
  • Assessment

  • Smart CTA’s
  • Dynamic Pathing
  • CRM Tool Link
  • Typical Dealer Results:
    • 5x More Consumer Insights
    • 30% Longer Average Time on Site
    • 3x As Likely to Become a Returning Visitor
  • $799/mo* or $999/mo**
  • *With 12 month agreement plus setup fee. **Wtih 90 day cancellation notice plus setup fee. Set up fees equal 1 month of software fees.
  • Deal Arrangement

  • Smart CTA’s
  • Dynamic Pathing
  • Dealer Tool Link
  • Typical Dealer Results:
    • 1-2% Lift in Website visitor to Lead Conversion
    • 2-4% Lift in Lead to Sale Conversion
    • Over a 5% Lift in Average Gross Profit From FATWIN Leads
  • $799/mo* or $999/mo**
  • *With 12 month agreement plus setup fee. **Wtih 90 day cancellation notice plus setup fee. Set up fees equal 1 month of software fees.

    “When our team calls these TAP leads, they all say that they're their favorite leads that come in because it's just a more relevant conversation with the customer. The customer is a little bit further down in the buying funnel and is more willing to have a quality conversation and give us a chance just to talk to them and earn their business. Our team just really enjoys the PERQ leads because they're not a waste of time."

    -Casey Jenkins


    customers self-identify as in the market to buy now


    of trade leads buy within 30 days


    avg dealer website conversion

    Why Groups Choose Us

    • Dealers can link their individual location websites to their group website for a better consumer experience and increased lead conversion.
    • Groups find the perfect balance between overall group consistency and individual location strategy.
    • Personalization that is set up on individual sites is also leveraged for each specific brand and inventory on a dealer’s group site.
    • FATWIN reporting aggregates all location data and establishes benchmarks so dealers can compare location success.

    How It Works


    Database $4,995/campaign

    Utilize a proven method to identify previous customers in your database that are most likely in a positive equity or trade up position.

    • Averages 25 sales for every 5,000 mailers
    • Over 40% lead to sale conversion
    • Co-op qualified

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