FATWIN Web Engagement for Automotive

Dealers choose FATWIN Web Engagement to get up to 200% more conversion from traffic already on their website.


As much as 200% increase in leads


the consumer data collected than average auto lead


of leads are in market to buy now


leads captured through FATWIN

Top Dealer Benefits

More Leads

Drive higher website click through, visitor to lead and form fill rates with our interactive lead conversion technology.

Higher Quality

Increase your lead contact rate and reduce showroom negotiations with a more engaged customer opportunity for your sales team.

Branded Experience

Gain an edge over the competition with a unique website experience that clearly conveys your brand values.

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What We Do

Many dealers have discovered that static lead forms and calls-to-action aren’t working to meet their needs anymore. Our solution offers dealers a smarter approach to increase website conversion, collect actionable lead data and increase sales, while improving the overall consumer experience.

Interactive Lead Forms

A premium alternative to traditional static form lead generation that utilizes a participatory experience to capture lead data and drive desired consumer action.

Dynamic Pathing

Interactive lead forms that dynamically change based on consumer's input, previously captured lead data and onsite behavior, simultaneously improves lead quality and form fill rates.

Smart CTA's

Automatically personalize CTA’s to each website visitor, using captured lead data and on-site website behavior for a higher CTR without sacrificing the consumer experience with cluttered buttons, banners and pop-ups that cause visitors to leave your website.

Consumer Profiles

Compared to other lead generation tools, we deliver highly detailed car shopper profiles that help your team strike meaningful conversations with consumers. By understanding car shopper needs, preferences and website behavior, your sales team is better equipped to increase lead to sale conversion.

Interactive Consumer Journey

Our FATWIN Web Engagement creates a completey connected website experience, with packages that are optimized around the consumers journey to purcahse a vehicle.

We’ve Got You Covered.

FATWIN Web Engagement requires no website overhaul or heavy lifting on your end; it’s simple and easy to get up and going. We offer multiple features and tools that take care of all your needs – you won’t have to go anywhere else.

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Real Results from Real Customers...

"The ability to see the consumer profile allows us to personalize everything we use to get the customer in the dealership; the phone call, voicemail and email can all be conducted according to their consumer profile. The more leads we can get with this extra information on customers, the better."

-Krista Gregg
Communications Manager, Four Seasons Ford

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We have experience with a large variety of CRM and website providers. It doesn’t matter who you currently work with; we’ll work directly with your website provider and get you up and going in no time.

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Packages & Pricing


Convert more digital tire-kickers into real, in-market online shoppers using interactive promotions to engage website visitors.


Help consumers make decisions and form positive opinions about your dealership with assessments, while searching inventory on your website.

Deal Arrangement

Convert more of your existing website traffic into showroom traffic and sales by interacting with your consumers online deal arrangement.

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